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 With the tiny rivers and narrow alleys, extraordinarily varied architecture and the poetry which emerges from the magnificent historical centre, the Alsatian capital is simply delightful. A rich cuisine, a plentiful cultural life and position in the heart of Europe are also important parts of this city. Both in winter and summer, Strasbourg, which is classified as a world heritage site by the United Nations, is one of France’s most attractive and romantic destinations.


1 Euro = 100 cents


Ambulance 15
Police 17
Fire 18
European emergency number 112
SOS doctors Tel: +33 3 88757575


Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace
Saisons d’Alsace
Strasbourg magazine


Shops: Mon-Sat 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm
Supermarkets: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. Reduced hours or closed Sundays.


City: 272,222
Metropolitan area: 764,013


Office du tourisme
Place de la Gare, Strasbourg
every day from 9am-7pm
+33 3 88 522 828

Small France - A part of Strasbourg city

The City

From the earliest centuries AD, Strasbourg has always been considered an important crossroads of Europe. In the fifth century, Franks already gave it the name of Strateburgum, "the road's fortified place." So, it’s not by chance that the European parliament – a symbol of the town's cosmopolitan spirit – was built here, very close to the Rhine and the German border. The special atmosphere is also discernible in the architecture of the houses and churches, and is audible in the Alsatian dialect, which is a mixture of French and German.

The historical centre, surrounded by the charming river Ill, is the real marvel of Strasbourg. It comprises the "Petite France," "la place Kléber" and the cathedral area, which are all perfect places for strolling, improving one’s mind, shopping, relaxing outside cafés or even having parties. And, above all, it's heaven for sweet wines, beers and haute-cuisine lovers.

View of Strasbourg from the roof of the cathedral

Do & See

The historical centre, surrounded by the charming river Ill, is the real marvel of Strasbourg. It comprises the "Petite France," "la place Kléber" and the cathedral area, which are all perfect places for strolling, improving one’s mind, shopping, relaxing outside cafés or even having parties.

Cathédrale Notre Dame


Ponts Couverts

European Institutions

Maison Kammerzell

Le Musée Alsacien

Parc de l'Orangerie

Mémorial de l’Alsace Moselle

Les Secrets du Chocolat

Open air street restaurant in the medieval Petite-France district, Strasbourg


For French people, Strasbourg means beer, wine, baeckeofe (a mixed meat dish with potatoes), flamenküche (a thin pie made up of onions, cheese and lardons) and, of course, choucroute (a generous dish consisting of cabbage, meat, sausages and potatoes). Leaving Strasbourg before tasting some of these typical dishes, which can be found in most of restaurants, would be a real crime!

Le Relais de la Poste

Chez Yvonne

L'Ancienne Douane

Les Deux Gourmandes

Le Buerehiesel

Maison des Tanneurs

Zum Strissel

Au Crocodile

Cafes in Petite-France in Strasbourg


The French are known for their café traditions and Strasbourg is no exception. Relax with a croissant and a nice cup of coffee.

La Place


Bistrot des Arts


Café de l’Opéra

Night Strasbourg

Bars & Nightlife

Wine and beers are parts of Strasbourg's identity. Whatever you like, you should find what you are looking for in the numerous and hearty bars, in the centre or closer to the wharves. Strasbourg is a university town, and thanks to its big campus, there’s plenty of places to party. The city’s cosmopolitan spirit means there’s also a little bit of everything to suit all tastes and ages.

Champagne Bar


Jeanette et les cycleux

Tapas café

L’académie de la Bière

Au camionneur

La Laiterie

Bar Exils


Christas sweets biscuits display of pastry sweet food in French bakery store,


Luxury brands and fancy accessories abound, as in any French city, but where Strasbourg's shopping really shines is in local products. Local wine is a must for any visitor, but also foie gras, liqueurs, kougelhopfs, macaroons, gingerbread and many other traditional biscuits.

Carré d'Or

Grand Rue and Historical Centre

Place des Halles


Farmer's Market


Mireille Oster

La Cloche à Fromage Boutique

Le Village de la Bière

Librairie Quai des Brumes

Modern tram in the Strasbourg city center. France, Alsace

Tourist Information

Strasbourg Airport

Strasbourg Airport is located 18 kilometres southwest of the city centre. A shuttle train stops at the airport and takes you to Strasbourg Station. The journey to Strasbourg Station takes 9 minutes and the train leaves up to 4 times every hour.

Car rental companies are represented at the airport. Two of them are:

+33 3 88 68 82 53

+33 820 61 17 00

Address: Strasbourg Airport, Strasbourg

Phone: +33 3 88 64 67 67


Public Transport

There is a possibility to buy a combination ticket for bus and tram. Another cheap way of travelling is to buy 24-hour travel cards. With 430 kilometres, the cycle path network is very well developed and you can also rent bicycles.

CTS (buses and tram):
+33 3 88777070

Velocation (bicycle renting):
+33 3 88235675

Phone: +33 3 88777070



Taxis 13
+33 3 88361313

Mondial taxi
+33 3 88221111

Phone: +33 3 88361313



Post offices are recognizable by blue and yellow signs. Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-1pm.

Address: 33 Rue de la Première Armée, Strasbourg


On every chemist’s window, a sign details the “pharmacie de garde,” which is 24-hours.

One pharmacy can be found:
Pharmacie de la Vierge

Address: 42 rue des Grandes Arcades, Strasbourg

Phone: +33 3 88 32 16 70



Country code: +33

Area code: 03


220 Volts